How to prepare for outdoor education? Join us online and learn straight from the source.

Numbers Outdoors

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Discover how stepping into nature can enhance engagement, ignite curiosity, and deepen understanding in mathematical concepts. Let's incorporate outdoor learning into your math curriculum. 

Summer Challenges I

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Entering the Summer, you have the great opportunity to spend the most time possible outdoors. Some tips before you leave the internet for the woods:)

Summer Challenges II

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Summer is in full swing and it's time to spend more time outdoors with our loved ones. Give your kids the most precious thing - your time - and create lasting memories for all of you.

School Grounds Month: Water Outdoors

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May is definitely the month you should spend in the (school) garden. We have ideas for you that will lure you and your children outdoors in a second! 

Spring Herbs and Sensitivity Outdoors

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You will learn why sensitivity is essential for protecting the planet - and how to boost it. We will provide you with some tips on how to inspire a love for nature in young minds with our lesson plans. We'll investigate, care for, and taste spring herbs together.