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Are you already teaching outdoors?

Let yourself to grow.

Deepen your teaching and advance your role as the Outdoor Teacher.

Become an Outdoor Teacher

Focus on what you want to develop. We can help you to:

cover more topics

Broaden the range of topics you teach outdoors. We believe that all subjects are suitable for outdoor learning.

teach various age groups

Teach students of different ages: from first graders to high school students.

go out in any weather

Teach outdoors in any weather. We have ideas and advice for rainy, hot or cold days. Let's make use of snow, mud, ice...

build a community

Communicate with and involve the community around the school. Utilize your local environment.

use modern methods

Work with methods that support students in their own thinking and action. Incorporate more evidence-based methods into your teaching.

involve nature

Guide students towards environmental-friendly behaviour and actions. Foster their sensitivity, love for nature, and determination to act.

overcome challenges

Overcome the challenges you currently face. Is it a lack of time, bad weather or parents'misunderstanding?

gain perspective

Gain perspective on your teaching. Get feedback on your practice to help you to grow.

How does it work


You gain an annual access to all our e-books and materials.

  • Year-round topics suitable for various ages
  • 82 elaborated ready-to-use lesson plans
  • 155 extra pages of outdoor activities for younger children
  • Worksheets, photo tutorials, recipes, tips.
  • Over 500 inspiring pictures
  • Beautiful illustrations

Methodical Support

  • You get an access to methodically developed materials and lesson plans. The lessons include also a reflection step as a important part of the educational process.
  • We organize regular online meetings to discuss and address current challenges, aiming to assist you in your progress.


  • We build a network for connection, inspiration, and experiences from different parts of the world.
  • You join a gradually growing community of outdoor teachers who enrich each other. There will be a Facebook group for communication and sharing.




This is our vision, we are eager to work on.

Do you want to be a part of it?

Sign up among those interested, we won't charge you anything and we'll let you know when we start.

More about Lessons in Grass

What's said about us:

Who are we? DIANA GARAŠIĆ    Educator and GLOBE Program national coordinator in Croatia

"I am not surprised that this is popular among your teachers - those are really nicely created pages with a lot of beautiful and creative ideas for activities, well didactically shaped and explained."

1. in Global Teacher Prize CZ and finalist of the World Global Teacher Prize

"I teach mathematics and physical education and thought why not combine them outside? Children nowadays sit and watch their screens too much. They are energised and their senses come alive when they spend time outdoors."

1. in Global Teacher Prize CZ

"It's not only children's brains but also their bodies and their relationship to a place that develop when we teach outdoors. Your materials and inspiration help in preparations and bring new ideas easily which ultimately saves time."

Lessons in Grass is an international project run by TEREZA, Educational centre.

We have years of experience in guiding teachers. The educational centre has been active in the area of environmental education in the Czech Republic since 1979. The key values which the work of TEREZA is based upon are the environment and education. They are promoted through the initiative, honesty, openness, respect and cooperation of those working in the educational centre.