Embrace the Advent season by slowing down and connecting with each other and nature. Make the Advent more enjoyable with outdoor challenges for every day. These activities provide not just a reason to step outside but also an opportunity to create lasting memories and share meaningful experiences together.




What gift will help your (outdoor) teacher the most?

What about giving a gift that fosters development instead of a candy or flower this year?
Choose a gift for your teacher. Be alone or team up with classmates, or other parents.
Buy a gift that is meaningful and helpful.

Reward your teachers with our well-designed e-books full of lesson plans and worksheets. You'll give them new inspiration and save them time.
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What do teachers say?

ANDREA TLASKALOVA, 2. in Global Teacher Prize CZ
"Thanks to your support I now teach almost everything outside. I just grab one of the books with the topic I need and go out, no long preparations needed - and it is always succesfull."


Let us seek out natural places where we can experience an Advent season full of peace, joy, discovery, creation, play, wonder and, most importantly, some time spent together.

Instead of hustle and bustle, shopping and stress, simplify your Advent time and discover with your children how to bring more quiet and sensory experiences, crafting with your hands, playing outside, relaxing and snuggling into the winter holidays.

Connect to nature and its rhythm and get outside with us.


  • Every day there is a challenge waiting for you. It is entirely up to you when and how many you experience out there.
  • We recommend that you print and cut out the challenge cards. You can then hide them (one each day or all at once) in a place you agree (in a box, an advent calendar, a toilet paper roll, a surprise bag, under a breakfast plate, in an outdoor hiding place, and you can certainly think of even more hilarious pranks).
  • Each day the children open or find their surprise - their challenge for the day. Ideally, along with the challenge, they will find a natural item or object that invites them outside. 
  • The most important thing is to go out during the day - for a short walk, or ideally on a proper exploration quest to conquer the challenge of the day.


Whenever you're tempted to go out, ideally during December.

What do I need?

Nothing special is needed. All you need are basic natural materials, a few things you can quickly find around you and the desire to go out.

Let's enjoy the time outside and become part of nature, every day. Let's use its power for recharging our batteries as well as for some rest and a tune-up. We wish you a peaceful winter time outside.


wishes you