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We are one of the 13 organizations from all around the world who take the leading role in the field of outdoor education and greening school grounds. Watch the case study video made by Children and Nature Network about Lessons in Grass.


Outdoor fractions

Introduce the term ‘fractions’ to kids. Split real objects in parts and experience how fractions work.

Pizza fractions

Let's open a pizzeria and practise fractions ‘at work’. What pizza do you like the best?

Jumping fractions

Let's get some move and fun into the teaching! The children must jump into the right fraction.

Math Outdoors Video Course

Discover how easy it is to teach Math outdoors.

Time and Fractions

Discover the fractions hiding in the clock face.

Square metre

Create a square metre with your own hands. Measure areas around you in square metres.

Outdoor Measuring - Square Decimetre

Make a measuring tool with your own hands. Try guessing and then measuring how big one square decimetre is. 

Outdoor Measuring - One Litre

Get a better idea of how ‘big’ one litre is. Use a couple of sticks to gain a better spatial understanding of this unit and experience it first-hand.

Measuring - 1 Are (100 m2)

Try to measure and see how big 1 are really is. Build a measuring device to measure one are.



A simple guide on what you need to observe snowflakes. Maybe you'll even solve the mystery of their structure.

Ice vs Snow - what drips first?

Find a piece of ice too and let's explore over a flame to see what is going to drip first! 

Snow Fractions

How to practice fractions and stretch our bodies a bit? Use the snow and carve a shape with a stick. The kids divide it according to your instructions and the game can begin!

How much water is in the snow?

How about finding out how much water is there in snow? . Welcome to the Snow Laboratory! 🙂


Seeing frost crystals grow is a great experience; let us advise you on how to grow this fragile beauty yourself!

WINTER OUTDOORS: Gift for animals

Some kids don't like to leave the warmth of home at first, but as it's all about doing good to the animals, they'll be standing ready at the door before you know it. 

Cake for animals

Inspiration for creating with snow. Let's prepare a snack for our animal neighbours and have fun outdoors.



Create your own bird theatre and play bird stories.


Discover how and why birds’ beaks vary and what can birds manage with them.

Feather Collection

Create your own feather collection, make new feathers and try writing with a quill.

Laboratory autumn/winter

23 outdoor lessons in one e-book. Let children play, explore and marvel!

Laboratory spring/summer

22 outdoor lessons in one e-book. Let children play, explore and marvel!