Discover how easy it is to teach SCIENCE outdoors, all year long!

  • Want to get the learning process outdoors?
  • But don´t want to do it the same way as inside the class?
  • Keen on new and fresh ideas on education, inquiry based teaching?
  • Want to get the kids moving and sensing the real world while learning?
  • We will show you how to teach biology, geography, physics, chemistry and much more OUTDOORS!

What do you get

  • over 100 pages full of inspiration
  • 23 lessons with ellaborated setup ending with reflection
  • countless pictures that explain each lesson to the detail
  • attractive worksheets
  • interesting useful tips and extensions


Thanks to our partners we can now offer the e-book for an introductory price:

20 EUR

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27 USD

35 USD

490 CZK

595 CZK

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