Discover how easy it is to teach MATHS outdoors, all year long

What do you get

  • 52 pages
  • 17 ready-to-use lesson plans
  • more than 110 photos
  • worksheets
  • useful tips and extensions
  • Want to know how to teach outdoor Maths?
  • But don´t want just to count pebbles?
  • Keen on mathematical challenges, inquiry-based learning?
  • Want to get the kids moving and sensing the real world while learning?
  • We will show you how to teach fractions, percents, units and much more OUTDOORS!

Want to see more?

Let children move, feel and discover 

Math in motion and in practice in the real world. Explore mathematics in a playful way!

17 elaborated lesson plans

Curriculum based lessons plans include also a reflection step that strenghtens learning.

A change in teaching with a great impact 

Outside, you’ll improve children’s results, health and even peer relationships.


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experiences and reactions

"Awesome ideas. Without a difficult preparation. Low-cost with the use of natural materials. Children enjoy maths outside and I have more time to observe their work."
Janelower grade teacher
"It’s a pity I didn’t know about this e-book before, I could have SPARED MYSELF MANY DEAD ENDS AND TROUBLES. The e-book opened the door outside for me."
Johnbeginning teacher
"I really like maths now. You can touch it and use it in the real world."
Peterstudent (class 2)
"I don’t understand why we’ve been sitting in the class before. Counting outdoors is fun and there are more discoveries."
Annestudent (class 4)

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