The Playful Herbarium - March

an outdoor hunt for spring's secrets and treasures

Do your children seem to be willing to spend all the springtime indoors? Playful Herbarium won't let them miss a single opportunity to go outdoors in search for herbs and fairies:)

  • Want to get the kids moving and sensing the real world while learning? 
  • Three step approach: love-learn-care: Children will play outdoors discovering spring herbs -  and then the worksheets will provide them with information and suggest possible action to take care about their garden (whatever scale it may have).
  • You will be reading a story of three siblings and their adventure with garden fairies, followed by tips on how to attract your own fairies and other useful creatures.
  • Focuses attention to "weeds" and shoows them in a brand new perspective. No more boring pictures of something away from the children's interest - they will have the first-hand experience.
  • Encourages children to build up their sensitivity to all living creatures and develop a close relationship with them.

What do you get

  • a guide to spring wonders in your garden (or it can be even a small terrace with a single flowerpot)
  • 30 pages full of inspiration on how to discover the world of herbs with fairy-guides
  • worksheets for six herbs: coltsfoot, ground-ivy, chickweed, sweet violet, nettle and mint
  • fragile yet lively pictures that will encourage your own drawings
  • endless source of activities connected with investigation, caring for and tasting spring herbs (no more calling them weeds!)
  • children encouraged to search in every corner of garden and bring you every seed and sprout (and talking about them and the fairy-stories for hours)

how the playful herbarium looks like:

First you will read part of the story (fairies included)...
...then there are suggestions what to do in the garden....
...there are many ways to use the herbs:)
For each herb mentioned there are two pages with tasks.


10 EUR


11 USD

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