The Playful Herbarium - May

care for and wonder, create and play, investigate

Do you need to know what to do outdoors with your children? Do you want to learn how to use herbs? Let's get inspired!

  • Do you know which leaf to use if you were mosquito bitten? Or how to make a soothing balm?
  • Encourage children to start with mixing garden potions on their own and gradually let them try some real recipes on syrups, fragrant bath or hair balm or even real food! 
  • Did you know which plant from your garden (coming from the Mediterranean) contains 5 times more vitamin C than an orange?
  • Do you know how to attract ladybirds?
  • Follow our tips on making floral gifts!
  • Can you beat up a bumblebee?
  • Why is a dead-nettle called "dead"?
  • Have you ever made your own toy out of an elderberry?
  • What benefits can a corner full of nettles have for young observers?
  • Take care of the insects in your garden and observe them!

What do you get

  • a guide to herbs and their uses (eating, cooking, crafting, caring etc.)
  • 35 pages full of inspiration on how to discover the world of herbs with fairy-guides
  • worksheets for six herbs: wild strawberry, elderberry, dead-nettle, ribwort plantain, lemon balm and tormentil 
  • herbal recipes, among them 4 herbal ice cream recipes (!)
  • endless source of activities connected with investigating, caring for and tasting spring herbs (no more calling them weeds!)
  • children encouraged to search in every corner of garden and bring you every seed and sprout (and talking about them and the fairy-stories for hours)

how the MAY playful herbarium looks like:

First you will read part of the story (fairies included)...
...then there are suggestions what to do in the garden....
...there are many ways to use the herbs:)
For each herb mentioned there are two pages with tasks.


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11 USD

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