How trees support learning

Few facts: The trees are responsible for the small water cycle, they retain moisture and help control the climate on the planet. They hold carbon and some of them for hundreds of years (when we allow them to). They grow all around us, not only in gardens and parks but also in urban areas, wilderness, open countryside and of course in the forests and woodlands. They are also beautiful, majestic, green, nice to play under, their wood smells lovely, they are home to many animal species, they grow apples, plums and nuts, and also chestnuts and acorns. You can climb their branches, hang your hammock in them or make tea from their wood and leaves.

Good. Knowing all this seems enough, so why should I have children play with trees, if it doesn’t affect the water cycle anyway..?

We suggest to go out regularly and find a way to trees – these gentle giants  will help you:

•         BOOST CREATIVITY: both you and your kids will love the variety of shapes, colours, smells and the bounty of it all. It won’t leave your hands idle!

•         SAVE TIME AND ENERGY: have you ever seen anybody tidying up after playing in the forest..? No cleaning after crafting, yay!

•         HAVE FUN: you will find new toys and playgrounds at every step. And what is best: kids will make all these themselves!

•         SPEND TIME TOGETHER:  while walking in nature, collecting leaves, cones and berries, crafting etc., you will naturally share everyday joys and worries.

•         RELEASE ANXIETY AND STRESS: no need to go to a therapist or meditate in a gym. Kids can be dirty and it won’t harm anyone, the colour soothes your mind. In the Green pharmacy and Tree atelier you will calm down and relax. Moreover, it will charge your batteries and lift up your spirits!

•          STRENGTHEN THE IMMUNE SYSTEM: outdoors you will breathe fresh air, run and thus oxygenate your body, see green and thus relax your mind, focus on different distances, which, together with the sunlight, relieves your eyes… and as you bring back beautiful, nice smelling decorations, you won’t need any plastic ones, nor toxic smells at home.

Among trees we also…

•         SAVE MONEY: there is no need to buy any material for creating, you will find all you need in the great super-hypermarket called Nature. Oh, and imagine all the Christmas decorations and gifts – everything for free!

•         PROTECT NATURE: you might have thought that protecting nature means that you don’t touch it. No, no, no. Let kids touch it, even if it means breaking a few branches. By immersing into the natural world, kids will become more sensitive to it and appreciate it. And what is best: they won’t need any excessive plastic toys – this is protecting nature!

What can also come handy: 

•         LET THE KIDS KNOW MORE ABOUT NATURE: how often do kids use their senses (other than sight and hearing) to learn? While crafting, touching trees, they will receive the knowledge right away. And soon they will want to know more, inquire, and protect the things they have learned to love.

•         SUPPORT CONCENTRATION: let the kids move while working. Outdoors they can run and shout and release their energy and thus persist longer with the activity.

Humble recommendation:


Of course you can go to the nearest tree and create right away. Try to go to a real forest once a month, just roam and look for pieces suitable for your intentions . And once a year, allow yourself to get inspired by real wilderness – this “gallery” will boost your creativity to the top! 


Encourage others enjoy the gifts of nature with you: organise community events, exhibitions, parties, outdoor workshops and spread the positive vibes from trees!


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