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How we have changed education towards an outdoor approach in the Czech Republic – true story!

Today’s children spend too much time in front of all their screens”, said an alarming voice.   “They no longer play outdoors as we used to”, said a critical second one. ...

How trees support learning

What benefits do we gain when playing and learning among trees? Some of them may seem obvious - but some will surprise you! Have you ever thought about BUYING christmas decorations? Forget about that, you wil FIND them for FREE.

Welcome in the Grass

WHO ARE WE? We are a team of enthusiasts encouraging children to spend more time outdoors. We come from the Czech Republic, a small country in Central Europe. Our parent organisation TEREZA...

Are we in trouble? Benefits of teaching outdoors

Something has been happening to our children. Despite living in developed countries, many children experience mental and physical issues, not known to us a few decades ago. Here are some examples...