We are a team of enthusiasts encouraging children to spend more time outdoors. We come from the Czech Republic, a small country in Central Europe. Our parent organisation TEREZA was founded 40 years ago and started its business by managing grazing goats on a piece of green land in Prague. Nowadays, over 100,000 children are being educated by TEREZA. The organisation also cooperates with more than 800 schools and is an inspiration to more than 5,000 parents.

We are a part of an international network of school programs such as GLOBE, Eco-Schools , LEAF and others. 3 years ago, we decided to take on a new challenge: to take learning out of the classroom.


Experience and professional research prove that children gain many benefits from learning outdoors. It offers better examples, improves academic results, boosts motivation and has well-known health benefits; however, it is not as widely used as it could be.

Our aim is to support all teachers to gain motivation, experience and tools to implement outdoor learning.


We will help you open the door and step outside the classroom. We support teachers who have already made their first step and encourage their self-development, their teaching methods and their schools. We will inspire you with countless ideas about where to go, what activities to do and how to use them. All seasons, almost all subjects and topics.

There are many obstacles on the way out but we are here to help you.


We triggered a big change in our country. It is not that long ago when nobody knew about outdoor learning. It wasn’t recommended by the Ministry of Education, teachers were afraid to go out and didn’t even know what to teach. We are changing that.

In the past 3 years, while cooperating with teachers and other professionals, we created over 180 outdoor lessons, recorded over 50 videos and tutorials, published 10 guides to outdoor learning that sold out in the first year, established a community of over 20,000 followers (that’s a very high number for such small country). Our estimate is that every tenth teacher in the Czech Republic uses our resources. Thanks to them – tens of thousands of Czech children can learn outdoors regularly. Outdoor learning is a common part of teaching in our country now.


Learning and playing outdoors is free. Nature offers an interactive classroom that is always open. It offers many tools and spaces and updates every second.

We share our inspiration for free on our website and social media so everybody can test and try out our ideas. If you want larger methodical support or more inspiration you can purchase our methodology e-books or online courses. As a non-profit organisation, we return all finances back into production, testing, photography and recording new lessons, games and courses.

Thank you for visiting this website. We welcome all, experienced and aspiring outdoor teachers, or anybody attracted by the idea of teaching outdoors and what it means to be involved.

We hope you like it here and that you find what you came for.

Discover with us:

WHY teach outdoors.

HOW to go out quickly and effectively.

Suitable outdoor settings, WHERE children will be able to use their creativity, exploration and curiosity – even in a “concrete jungle”.

WHAT + HOW to teach different subjects. We will show you how to teach fractions, physics, languages, reading, and much more.

HOW to spend time outdoors on a REGULAR basis.

STORIES from experienced teachers.

WHAT equipment can be made without making a purchase.

Teachers’ COMMUNITY – Closed Facebook group called Lessons in Grass.


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